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Barnum Financial Group recognizes the need to ensure that everyone no matter what age or experience level has financial literacy available to them. Understanding your own finances and having the ability to make educated decisions will put people in a better financial position now and in the future. Below is an outline of our various education programs and the topics they cover. If you or your organizations is interested in one or all of these seminars please contacts us.

Some highlights of our financial education programs include:

Level 1: How Money Works

This levels covers how moneys, banking, credit and home ownership work. It is appropriate for audiences new to managing money who need to gain an understanding of the basics. The content is based off of the MoneySmart Curriculum which was developed by the FDIC, and has been used to help educate over 2.5 million consumers.

    Topics include:
  • Bank on it
  • Borrowing Basics
  • Money Matters
  • Pay Yourself First
  • Charge it Right
  • Loan to Own
  • Check it out
  • To Your Credit
  • Your Own Home

Level 2: Making Money work for you

Once someone has knowledge of the basics, they are ready to begin saving and planning for goals. This level covers the fundamentals of investing, taxes, life insurance, college funding and retirement savings.

    Workshop topics include:
  • Investing 101
  • Tax Strategies
  • College Funding
  • The IRA Advantage
  • Life Insurance: How Much? What kind?
  • Asset Allocation & Diversification
  • Financial Independence and Security

Level 3: Preparing for Retirement

This level is for more advanced life stages, and covers topics that are critical as consumers age and become more sophisticated in their financial knowledge. These workshops will go more in depth regarding retirement funding and pensions, Medicare, Social Security, and estate planning.

    Topics include:
  • Retire with Confidence
  • Understanding Retirement Healthcare Expenses
  • It’s Not Your Mother’s Retirement
  • Beyond Your Pension
  • Estate Conservation
  • Road to Retirement Security
  • Understanding Social Security

* We have programs available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese